Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Nothing is more important to the survival of your company than assuring that your data backup solution and disaster recovery plan are properly equipped and configured. Â Without both, you risk the very survival of your organization.

Companies that ignore Backup & Disaster Recovery put their entire operations at risk of unrecoverable failure. Â One catastrophic failure, whether caused by vandalism, fire, tornado, or some other disaster can result in an unrecoverable collapse of a company's operations.

Industry statistics estimate that 60% of lost files can NOT be retrieved from yesterday's backup! Why?

  • Improper Backup Setup
  • Files left open by users (therefore locked and unsaved)
  • Equipment Failure (backup devices often fail without notice or alert)
  • Infrequent Monitoring of Backup success/failure

BCS's Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solution is a comprehensive disk-based solution for business continuity needs in the SMB Marketplace. Â Through our BDR Solution, we can replace traditional tape backup solutions and provide you with a comprehensive Business Continuity package at unmatched price points. Â Recover from system or data loss in minutes, not hours or days.

BCS's BDR models are Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices installed with Business Continuity Software (BCS) that run on the Windows Storage Server 2003 platform. Â With near real-time backups as often as every 15 minutes, your downtime is minimized.

Backup & Restore

What would a BDR solution be without solid backups? BCS’s disk-based NAS allows for quick and easy point-in-time snapshots, which take just minutes and won't impact your environment. Only the changes to your data are backed up. Restoration is just as easy, mount your backup file as a drive on the NAS and copy what you need locally or to the network.

After the initial base backup, all future backups are incremental. The BCS BDR solution backups are not by files, but by the block level. This is below the file and folder level, and is more efficient. An incremental chain is created and only the changes are backed up, reducing backup windows.

Application Recovery

Backup and restore SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, and AD databases without additional agents. Just connect to one of your point-in-time snapshots, find your database and transaction log files, and restore using drag and drop functionality. BCS’s solution also allows for easy document recovery of Sharepoint files through the file explorer. Restore Exchange messages in a flash, directly from the message store, without the need of time consuming message level backups.

Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore (BMR) gives you the ability to restore to a virtual server or dissimilar hardware configuration for ease of recovery after a disaster; e.g. hardware failure. This gives you flexibility for restorations and doesn't require the cost and effort of keeping a standby server ready at all times.

Recovery Process

BCS’s recovery process is quite simple. When it is time to restore your virtualized server on the NAS device back to physical hardware a boot cd is inserted into the new physical hardware. The new server maps to the NAS device and begins to pull the latest backup image. Once the image is copied to the server BCS manipulates the hardware abstraction layer and inserts the necessary device drivers for the new hardware. Once the server is completely restored backups continue to take place on their scheduled interval.

Offsite Storage

BCS also offers offsite storage that provides the option of synchronizing your backup’s offsite to our secure co-location facilities, all through an industry standard 256-bit encrypted tunnel. Be secure in the knowledge your backups have not been compromised during transfer. If your site is destroyed, you’re protected. We will ship you a replacement BDR next day air. Virtualize your servers on it until replacement hardware arrives.