In the early 1980’s, Bill O’Rourke owned and managed a large wholesale nursery growing and distribution company. In 1983, he developed his own general accounting program application for use in his business, because he could not find anything in his industry to meet his specific needs. Over the next few years, East Texas business peers learned of the software and its ease of use, and asked Bill if they could purchase it for their own use. By 1990, over 20 companies in East Texas had purchased and were using all or parts of Bill’s original dos-based accounting software. Bill continued managing his wholesale nursery while providing computer and accounting services for businesses in East Texas until the mid 1990’s.

With the introduction of Microsoft Windows, Bill decided not to convert his accounting software to Windows, but instead began a year-long search for a customizable accounting software solution that could meet both his own and his clients accounting needs. After thoroughly reviewing all of the prominent mid-market accounting solutions, Bill selected MAS 90 Management Accounting Software, manufactured at the time by State of the Art. Of course, State of the Art was later purchased by Sage, Inc., which is now one of the largest distributors of mid-market software in the world.

In 2002, Bill formed a partnership with Kenny Hawthorne, and together they determined to expand the capabilities and services of Business Computer Solutions in order to meet the growing demand for business consulting services in East Texas.

Today, BCS has a total staff of 17 full-time and 3-part time Accounting, Programming and IT consultants.