[Header Images/sage90_human_resource_management.jpg] Sage Mas 200

The thin client/server technology in Sage MAS 200 ERP superbly addresses demands for increased processing power, security features, robust system stability, and scalability, making it an excellent solution if you require a high performance business management system.

Growth is a problem every company should want to have. When your business software needs to support larger user groups that are scattered across remote environments and connected over the World Wide Web, it is time to step up technology. Peak system performance is essential as processing demands increase. Businesses demand greater security features, data integrity, and system reliability, which all necessitate a more powerful and scalable business management system.

Sage MAS 200 offers all of the same features as Sage MAS 90, but adds the benefits and flexibility of a more powerful and scalable server. For your business, it can deliver significant efficiencies gained in performance and productivity, especially if you have more than one location.

Sage MAS 200 separates the program logic, processing, and data management tasks from user-interface processing tasks. All program logic, processing and data management tasks are performed on the application server, and all user interface tasks are performed using a thin client installed on the workstation. The result is less network traffic and more room for transactional growth over the long term for your business.

By minimizing data transmission across the network, more bandwidth becomes available to support multiple workstations. Sage MAS 200 can even be run in low bandwidth environments like modem and WAN connections.