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Three powerful ERP manufacturing software modules, Bill of Materials, Work Order Processing, and Material Requirements Planning, provide detailed and accurate tracking and reporting throughout the entire manufacturing process-from forecasting to the shop floor, and on to completion. The manufacturing solution for the Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 ERP manufacturing software system offers a range of features that will help maximize efficiency through all stages.

The ERP manufacturing software modules for the Sage MAS 90 or 200 give you the ability to create multi-level bills and produce accurate, informative reports detailing bill structures. And when goods are finished, they can be completed to Inventory Management or Sales Order for seamless integration with the distribution system. Additionally, manufactured component items can be completed to other work orders during the ERP manufacturing software process.

Bill of Materials

Produce accurate and informative reports detailing bill structures, component requirements, and production history.

Job Ops

JobOps is a comprehensive solution for automating job management functions for manufacturing, installation, and field service organizations. JobOps works in conjunction with Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 ERP systems, providing small to mid-market companies with an integrated ERP solution providing both operations and financial information from a single source.

Better Service to Your Customers

When you deliver a service or a product, customers expect the best from you. Completing jobs on time is critical. Price is important. Profit is necessary. Your challenge is getting jobs done on time, at a price that provides value to your customer and contributes to your bottom line on each and every job. Job management is the only way to make sure it happens and job management is what JobOps is all about.

Better Control of Your Operations

Inventory. Labor. Resources. Controlling any one without the other leads to chaos. Not having any of these available when needed defeats any gains made in controlling the others. The secret is making sure that your customers’ requirement date drives the planning for your inventory, labor and resources. Job management is organization, efficiency and control and JobOps delivers this in one single integrated solution.

Better Management Means Better Business

Estimates, Work Orders, Planning, Purchasing, Tracking and Costing. Every job needs them—JobOps helps improve the workflow between these necessary and important functions. Better communications between departments leads to more efficiency and fewer fire drills. Job management with JobOps is proactive, providing your company with management by exception tools that are critical to your success.